May 29, 2024, 5:37

No Pink Hair or Stubble: Strict ‘Office Look’ Rules for UK Immigration Officers

No Pink Hair or Stubble: Strict ‘Office Look’ Rules for UK Immigration Officers

Creating the right image is a crucial part of any job especially if you happen to be representing the British government in a public-facing role.

For one of its key departments, the Home Office has now issued staff with an exhaustive edict on what they should dress and look like at work — or risk disciplinary action.

A Home Office spokesperson told Sputnik that “there is no Home Office formal dress code.” However, the lengthy and remarkably detailed list — which runs 18 pages long — provides a professional and consistent image of criminal investigation staff in immigration enforcement.

Among the many items that will be frowned upon, according to the new guidance, are mini-skirts, denim jeans, T-shirts, frayed clothing and any form of sportswear such as football and rugby shirts and Lycra.

Hooded jumpers, vests and strapless tops should also be left at home along with other clothes featuring logos that may be deemed “rude, lewd, crude or offensive.”

​The diktat even goes beyond what Home Office staff should wear — and provides instructions on their general appearance as well.

Full beards and moustaches are deemed acceptable, but you can forget the trendy “unshaven” or “stubble” look favored by many blokes these days.

The government mandarins have even specified that men considering growing a beard should do “at a time that minimizes the period when you present an unprofessional image” to the general public.

​Hair must be neat, while specific styles “that may detract from a professional image are not acceptable,” the edict insisted.

“Hair color must be appropriate in the work environment and conspicuously ‘unnatural colors’ (for example pink) are not allowed.”

​Staff have also been warned over jewelry with nose, eyebrow, lips and tongue piercings deemed totally unacceptable, although a blind eye will be turned to earlobes.

Tattoos must “not discredit the organization” either, and female members must apply their makeup in moderation, while nails should be short and neat.

The ​Home Office bosses stress that investigators whose jobs involve chasing illegal immigrants and financial criminals should adopt a highly professional approach. Allowances will be made, however, for those working on covert operations.

“If you work in covert situations you should wear suitable clothing,” the document states. However when working in the office, the strict rules will apply at all times.

​The document was aimed specifically at Immigration Enforcement’s Criminal and Finance Investigation(CFI) teams who have a public facing role, the spokesperson explained.


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