June 13, 2024, 4:05

‘Shelter in Place’: US Embassy in Afghanistan Reports Kabul Airport ‘Taking Fire’ – Video

‘Shelter in Place’: US Embassy in Afghanistan Reports Kabul Airport ‘Taking Fire’ – Video

The diplomatic staff of a number of countries were relocated to the Kabul Airport after it became clear that the Taliban* would reach Kabul in a matter of days. On Sunday, the insurgent group surrounded the Afghan capital, having reportedly claimed control of the presidential palace after Ashraf Ghani left the country.

The US Embassy in Afghanistan has issued a security alert, saying there have been reports of Kabul Airport coming under fire.

Shortly thereafter, the US Embassy sent out a revised alert to remove the warning not to come to the embassy or airport:

A video has emerged online showing people boarding a plane in a bid to leave the Afghan capital as the airport came under fire.

The United States began the evacuation of diplomats from its embassy in Afghanistan on Saturday morning. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said US Embassy staff in Kabul were leaving the compound and going to the airport, as Taliban insurgents entered the Afghan capital and local officials said President Ashraf Ghani had stepped down and fled the country.

Blinken said Washington had warned the terrorist group it would face a “swift and decisive response” if it were to interfere with the American personnel.

With the Taliban blitzing through the country, the US has moved to send 5,000 troops to assist with the evacuations. According to CNN, the Joe Biden administration is considering deploying additional troops now in order to set up an air traffic control system at Kabul Airport and increase the number of evacuation flights from the airfield.

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