July 15, 2024, 17:52

REC Chooses the Best Regional Export Support Centres

REC Chooses the Best Regional Export Support Centres

The Russian Export Centre has chosen the six best export support centres according to 2020 results, the Russian Export Centre (REC) reported.

These centres are located in Russia’s Udmurtia, Bashkiria, Altai Krai, Leningrad, Smolensk and Belgorod regions.

Moreover, there was the award ceremony, which occurred on the second day of the All-Russian Conference on Export Support Infrastructure. The winners received commendations from the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation for their contribution to the national project on “Small and Medium-sized businesses and support of individual entrepreneurial initiative”.

The winners were congratulated by the REC Managing Director for Non-financial Products and Foreign Network Development Ksenia Tagirova, the REC Regional Project Director Natalia Minaeva and the Deputy Governor of Belgorod Oblast Dmitry Gladsky.

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